A Review of Journal of Natural Products

journal of natural products

The Journal of Natural Products (JPN), published by the Academy of Nautical Sciences, is a peer-reviewed scientific journal addressing all areas of study on the chemical and biological makeup of naturally present substances. It is published by the American Society of Pharmacy Chemistry and the American Chemical Society. The editor-in- chief is Philip J. Proteau. The journal is for academic research and is not for the public to use. There are many free online journals on related subjects available to provide further information on the subjects covered in the JPN.

An Overview

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This peer reviewed journal has achieved wide recognition among the scientific community for the outstanding contribution it has made to the field of natural products chemistry. The JPN has also won numerous awards, including the gold medal for excellence in research published in Pharmaceutical engineering in 1999. The Journal of Natural Products has won the distinction of being the most distinguished journal in its category amongst the distinguished pharmaceutical sciences publishers in the world.

This peer reviewed academic journal has a very high impact factor because it is written by the authors themselves, who have in turn taken responsibility for ensuring that their work is recognized. The authors of the Journal of Natural Products are distinguished researchers and have wide experience in their respective fields. They are widely known and respected in the scientific community. They possess an impeccable reputation which automatically makes them the ideal contributors to this prestigious academic journal.

Natural Product Review Journal

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A fresh pair of eyes is always required to read the Journal of Natural Products invited papers, along with making substantial contributions of your own. The Journal of Natural Products invites contributions from eminent scientists and other well recognized persons. It pays to write short articles and make substantial contributions to the Journal. The Journal of Natural Products has a very high impact factor for the editors, as only the best and most authoritative work is published in the Journal of Natural Products.

As the Journal of Natural Products invites contributions from eminent persons and scientists, the scope of this journal is global. The Journal of Natural Products welcomes research papers on food crops, environmental impact of food, wildlife and plants, medicinal chemistry, genetics, pharmacology, physiology and other related topics. The Journal of Natural Products also publishes short topics, related to special issues, electronic publications and posters. Short contributions are also published as the Journal of theses in the fields concerned.

This is another peer reviewed academic journal which publishes papers on innovative techniques and new technologies to enhance the uses of natural products. The Journal of Natural Products encourages original research in the fields covered under the broad topic of the subject. The present contribution of this Journal to the field of medicine is in its twenty-third year of operation, and the journal has already made significant achievements in the area of nutrition and agriculture among others.

JNPT is one of the oldest scientific journals on earth and it continues to receive submissions from eminent persons and renowned scientists. The Journal of Natural Products was first launched in 1992 with a capitalisation of Rs. 6 crores and today JNPT are one of the leading journals on agricultural science, technology and food. In addition, JNPT is acknowledged for its outstanding contribution to the field of agriculture and food and has been listed in the Top 100 journals listed in the Nature Research journals category. JNPT is indexed in various databases and is counted among the top 100 journals in the world.

Bottom Line

There are various other scientific and non peer reviewed journals on agriculture and related subjects. The popularity of journals has declined over time, as many of them are self-published. This is the reason for the low acceptance rate of these journals. However, with the increase in knowledge about the usefulness and importance of natural products and their substitutes, the demand for such journals is expected to grow substantially.

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