All You Need To Know About All Natural Diet For Dogs -

All You Need To Know About All Natural Diet For Dogs

all natural diet for dogs

In recent years, there has been a serious debate whether dogs should be given an all natural diet. Some people believe that dogs should be given the same food that they ate when they were not domesticated while others oppose this and say that this poses serious issues to the dog’s health. Here is all that you need to know about the all natural diet for dogs and the effects that this all natural diet for dogs can have.

What Is The Raw Diet For Dogs?

The raw diet for dogs mostly consists of muscle meat that is still on the bone. It also has bones that are ground or these can be whole as well. There are also some organ meats such as livers as well as kidneys. The meal can also include some raw eggs. You can also feed your dog vegetables like celery, broccoli, spinach, and many others. It also has some dairy products like yogurt that can provide the essential nutrients to your dog so that it can grow and become healthy and fit. Some people deem that this diet can make the dogs feel better as these what the dogs ate before they were domesticated.

What Are The Benefits Of The Raw Diet?

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Shinier Coats: Dogs that consumed raw vegetables and meat had a thicker and shinier coat than the dogs that ate cooked food.

Healthier Skin; They had better skin and the skin also glowed and looked very bright.

Cleaner Teeth: The teeth of the dog that ate natural food were cleaner and they did not have any problems in their teeth.

Higher Energy Levels: The dogs that consumed all natural diet experienced more energy and they did not tire out as fast as the other dogs did which is worth considering.

What Are the Harms Of This Diet?

The bacteria that is present in the raw meat can be very dangerous for the owner as well as for the health of the dog which means that it should not be consumed on a regular basis. Sometimes this bacteria can even become fatal which is very serious.

This diet is not balanced at all and it poses a serious issue for the health of your dog. It can make your dog experience problems if you provide the diet to your dog over a long period of time. So, you must give your dog the right amount of nutrients that it needs to grow.

If the dog consumes whole bones then there is a chance that the bones might get stuck in the throat of the dog, or it can puncture an area in the body of the dog, and also cause some teeth of the dog to break which is not nice at all.


According to researchers it is not advised to give your dog a raw diet over a prolonged period of time. If you do not want to give processed food to your dog then you can find various recipes online that you can cook and give to your dog. Your dog requires a healthy diet and the raw diet can pose some serious problems for you as well as your dog so it should be avoided.

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