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Ear Infections Natural Remedies To Cure Them

ear infections natural remedies

Your ears do have a vital role in your daily lives as they allow you to listen to the wonderful music of the world day and night. These openings in your head are the ones that are designed to stay open always. However, this becomes one of the reasons for them being more vulnerable to infections. At least, once in life, you might have experienced an ear infection and the pain it accompanies. This usually happens in childhood but it can repeat in adulthood too. As common as the ear infections are so are their remedies that are available naturally.

Common Ear Infections

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Swimmer’s Ear

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Swimmer’s ear is a common name for Otitis Externa. It is an infection that leads to the swelling of the ear canal that lies between the ear drum and external ear. It is caused by mechanical damages or dirty water and it can be bacterial or fungal.

Middle Ear Infection

Otitis Media or Middle Ear Infection is mostly faced by children. It is caused due to blocked or cold Eustachian tubes. This condition leads to sleeping problems, chronic or acute pain in the ears, and fussiness.

Ear Infections Natural Remedies


Mullein is a plant and its oil is used for treatment. Mullein Oil is proven to be excellent in reducing ear infection pain. Moreover, it is easily available in your nearby food stores.

Garlic Oil

Garlic is one of the most potential infection killers and thus is an integral element of the ear infection natural remedies list. It has anti-fungal and anti-microbial contents which the microorganisms cannot bear to encounter without killing themselves. Garlic oil can be dropped in the ears to destroy the infection. Garlic cloves can be crushed and mixed with warm olive oil for making the olive ear drops.

Vinegar Alcohol Solution For Ear Infections Natural Remedies

This solution can be an effective shield for someone with a chronic condition of swimmer’s ear. The application simply involves preparing a solution with half vinegar and half alcohol and putting the solution in the ear using a dropper. This will help you to prevent the aftermath of having an otitis externa by preventing the growth of the infection.


When it comes to anti-inflammation remedies at home, ginger needs no introduction. Ginger extracts can be dropped into the ear canal directly or can be infused with oils like olive or mustard for anti-infection applications in the ears. Since ginger is most commonly and cheaply available, it is a must-have for ear infections natural remedies.


Though Ear infections appear mostly during childhood yet knowing about their cures is important for all ages. Keeping in mind the environmental conditions and the ways in which we lead our lives in the cities, ear infections can appear anytime to anyone irrespective of age. Thus, knowing the cure that is available next door or in your kitchen comes handy.

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