Healthy Diet Eating Tips -

Healthy Diet Eating Tips

We tend to give in to our sugary and fried food cravings during festival season and put on oodles of weight. Here are some tips to enjoy festival season without putting on weight and enjoying a healthy diet.

Binge Eating

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A stressed person should indulge in a hobby, talk to someone close, work out in the gym or go for a walk. Comfort eating if not busted at its bud becomes a habit later on leading to weight gain issues and this aggravates the depression further. 

Favorite Food

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All of us have a personal favorite choice of food and when available we do indulge in eating that particular food item in large quantities. In such cases it is a good idea to keep away some of your favorite dish in the refrigerator to be consumed later. Try to incorporate every item that you relish in moderate quantities. 

Dieting and Starving

Incorrect eating patterns arise when we starve ourselves for too long. Having starved ourselves for too long, we tend to overeat when in front of food. Remember none can survive without eating. Never try to skip meals as this would make you eat double the quantity in your next meal. 

Every 2 hours

Learn from little children who eat in every 2 hours, a limited portion and stay slim and healthy. 

Ask an expert

If you find it that tough, start counting your calories. Ask a nutritionist for a well-planned healthy diet plan which you can follow without cutting on your festive delicacies. 

Hunger Signs

People eat by the clock these days even if they are not hungry. Hunger signs mean a sense of rumbling in the stomach, inability to concentrate in the work. Severe hunger can also lead to feeling light-headedness and feeling weak. Never skip breakfast and eat a hearty meal at this time. 

Mouth Hungry

Many times, we are just bored or stressed and feel like munching on something. But that does not mean we are hungry. A carrot stick to nibble could satisfy your cravings just as well. 

Only Thirsty 

At times, you could be just thirsty and not hungry. Your body is asking for fluids to quench your thirst. If you have eaten 2 hours back suitably, then your body is definitely not asking for food. 

Your stomach is not a dustbin 

There are some women who have always managed to eat sensibly till they reach their 30s. But a house full of kids also means a house full of leftover food. As a homemaker you do not want to throw away costly food and so you start putting in all the left overs into your stomachs. If you can’t waste food, change the rules of your household. Give everyone limited portions or put the left overs in the fridge to be consumed later. Even if you tend to binge eat on your favorites at times, make sure you burn out those calories by working out later on. 

These are some helpful healthy diet food eating tips.

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