Homemade Protein Treatments To Strengthen Hair Strands

protein treatment for natural hair

If you are looking for a way to improve the texture and health of your hair, protein treatment for natural hair is definitely worth a try. This type of treatment is easy and convenient. You can do it in the comforts of your own home.

Choices For Home Protein Treatments For Hair

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Here are some choices for at-home protein Treatments for hair: Coconut oil is perhaps the most common protein treatment for natural hair. Coconut oil is high in saturated fat and as such can cause problems with your cholesterol levels. In order to avoid these negative effects, you should use virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is also high in nutrients so your scalp will receive the nutrition it needs without the accompanying fatty acids found in other vegetable oils.

It is recommended that you rinse your hair thoroughly with water and soap before applying coconut oil to your hair. This is necessary to lock in the nutrients and moisture your protein supplement will provide to your hair follicles. Try to keep the water at lukewarm or just slightly warm, just enough to be able to penetrate into your hair and stimulate the protein growth. Once you have rinsed away the soap, your protein treatment for natural hair should be ready to begin.

Protein Supplements

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The next option on the list of protein treatments is protein supplements. There are several on the market including omega 3s, acidophilus, pumpkin seed and even minerals. Each of these has different benefits when used as a hair care product. Some work as soothing agents for dry and damaged hair while others can restore damaged hair to a healthy and radiant state. If you would like to start a protein treatment for natural hair right away, there are many of these products that contain all the necessary amino acids to stimulate growth.

You may also choose to use iron supplements, which can improve circulation in the body and increase hair growth. There is not enough blood flow in the scalp and this causes sebum to be produced. However, if the blood flow is increased, the oil produced by hair cells will be more abundant.

If you want to stimulate your hair strands for natural hair growth, then you should take high-quality sesame seeds or flax seeds. Either of these can easily be mixed into your favorite drink or mixed into your morning oatmeal for an added boost of protein. Drinking two or three cups of protein each day is sufficient to give damaged hair a boost and prevent further damage.

Coconut Oil

Another option to consider as a protein supplement for natural protein treatment for your damaged hair is coconut oil. Coconut oil is known for its ability to penetrate the hair shaft. This makes it a great addition to any regimen because it allows nutrients to enter your follicle roots where they are needed. If the nutrients are not absorbed into the root, then they do not do their job and do nothing to promote new growth.

Final Word

Regardless of what kind of homemade protein treatment for natural hair you decide on, remember that this is something that you need to provide a few key ingredients if you want to get the results you’re looking for. The mixing of these ingredients is what creates the benefit for your hair. Remember that just by looking at the label of ingredients does not mean you’ve found a quality product. Quality always means more results. For more information on how to strengthen hair strands check out my website today.

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