Natural Fertility Diet- Now Conceive Faster -

Natural Fertility Diet- Now Conceive Faster

natural fertility diet

The fertility diet is something that will enhance your reproductive organs so that the chances of you and your spouse conceiving can become better. It might seem silly that eating some foods might boost your fertility, but it is true. Remember that there is no specific food that will act as a magical potion, but you need to have a healthy and well-balanced diet that will positively impact overall health. Both men and women should try to indulge in such a diet, especially when there is a problem with the sperm count or the fallopian tubes. There are more than 15 healthy whole foods that can be beneficial, but we are going to put some of them in detail.

Sunflower Seeds-Natural Fertility Diet

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Did you know that roasted sunflower seeds are a great source of vitamin e, and it is one of the primary foods that you should have when it comes to sperm count and sperm motility? You can also find unique ingredients like selenium and ful it in the seeds, which is suitable for both male and female fertility rates. Sunflower seeds are also an excellent source of Omega 6 fatty acid. It is an excellent snack in itself, and you can have it in the rooted form. Try sprinkling the seeds on the salad or put them inside the smoothie or even yogurt. Did you know that you can find sunflower seed butter, and it is suitable for people who are indulging in the keto diet as well?

Citrus Fruits

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Try to have fruits like oranges and grapefruits because they are a great source of vitamin c. Both of them contain the element polyamine putrescine, and it will help in the improvement of ovum and semen health. You can have Orange slices directly, and if it is convenient, you can even make use of them. The only thing is you should consult a doctor before having any citrus fruit because it can interact with some of the medications dangerously.

Mature Cheese-Natural Fertility Diet

Try to have mature cheese like cheddar and parmesan so that it can improve sperm health. Aged cheese is high in polyamine, and these are the proteins that you can find naturally in animals. According to the research, polyamines play a white and role in improving the reproductive system. Not only that, but it will also improve egg health, especially for women who are more than 35 years of age. You can sprinkle some cheese on anything that you like and have it as an afternoon snack. Just remember that the portion should be small so that you do not put on many calories.

Full Fat Dairy

Pasteurized milk and cream are a great choice when it comes to fertility and pregnancy. But remember that only the individuals who can tolerate it should be able to have it. If you already have consuming dairy, you should switch to whole-fat products instead of low-fat yogurt.


These are only a few things that you can have to increase fertility in both men and women. You just have to be careful about the portions, and soon you will be able to conceive.

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