Natural Products for Curing Tonsils -

Natural Products for Curing Tonsils

natural products for curing tonsils

The feeling of a painful lump in the throat indicates that you might have stones in your tonsils. This painful swelling makes it difficult for you to swallow food. Do not consult the doctor yet as there are some easy home remedies for tonsil stones. Read through the article to find out some natural treatments to get rid of the painful lumps in the throat. 

Natural Products for Curing Tonsils


Garlic is an effective remedy to naturally treat tonsil stones. It has anti-bacterial properties that makes it quite effective for treating tonsils too. Garlic helps in eliminating bacteria that causes inflammation. It also prevents solidification of various other substances in the tonsils. You can chew on raw garlic cloves a couple of times a day as a home remedy for tonsil stones.  It is recommended to repeat daily until you find no pain or swelling in your stones. You can continue until you find no more stones in your tonsils, which can be seen with the help of a flashlight in front of a mirror. 

Essential oils

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Essential oils can be used for treating tonsil stones. There are certain essential oils that have anti-inflammatory properties and hence excellent home remedies for tonsil stones. Oils like lemongrass, thieves’ oil and myrrh have shown tremendous results for eliminating tonsil stones because of their anti-bacterial properties and healing properties. You can add some drops of any of the above-mentioned essential oils on your toothbrush everyday while brushing your teeth. Use the brush to gag and clean your tongue. This will help the oils to treat your painful tonsils. You can also use these oils in a spray bottle and spray on the affected area daily. Continue using essential oils treatment on your tonsil stones until you find no stones in your tonsils. You can use these oils for as long as a few months as they have no side-effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar for tonsil stones is an excellent home remedy. Apple cider vinegar contains acid that eat away the stones formed on the tonsils until they break down totally. Not only for tonsil stones, apple cider vinegar has shown positive results for treating a number of such other infections. Apple cider vinegar should be used as a gargle for tonsil stones. If apple cider vinegar is not available, you can also use white vinegar for similar results. Dilute it with water and gargle everyday morning and evening after brushing teeth. You can continue treatment until you find no stones on your tonsils and your pain completely relieved. 


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Yogurt is a wonderful natural home remedy for tonsil stones. Only the unsweetened organic yogurt should be used for treating tonsil stones. Yogurt is full of probiotics, which are friendly bacteria for the body. This good bacterium helps in removing tonsil stones by eliminating bacteria and other materials accumulated on the tonsils. Yogurt also prevents them from returning. You can consume unsweetened organic yogurt daily for lunch and dinner to fight off the harmful bacteria dwelling on your tonsils.  A cup or two daily will do the needful.

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