The Ingredients That Make Natural Skin Care Products Effective -

The Ingredients That Make Natural Skin Care Products Effective

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Instead of reading shiny labels, opting for all natural products removes that fear completely. You can dramatically decrease your exposure to irritants by opting for all natural skin care products. All Natural Skin Care is Beneficial! – Breastfeeding Women

The use of natural products like honey, lemon and olive oil are highly beneficial for your health. You have heard the term “organic” a million times – but many people do not realize the importance of using an organic product. According to the Organic Consumer Association:

Reasons To Choose Natural Skin Care Products

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One of the most important reasons to choose organic products is to eliminate potential irritants like fragrances, alcohols, and sunscreen. Fragrances cause allergic reactions, while alcohols and sunscreen can be dehydrating, irritating, and even cancer-causing. In fact, research has shown that over one hundred chemicals commonly found in commercial cleansers can cause adverse reactions.

Eating whole foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains keeps us well nourished and prevents disease. Eating natural whole foods is important for our overall health. However, it’s also important to use natural skin care products to maintain the healthy look we’ve achieved through eating whole foods. There are many chemical agents commonly used in personal care products that have been linked to cancer. We already know that cancer is no picnic. But, avoiding products with dangerous ingredients doesn’t just cut down on the risk – it also makes our skin healthier.

One of the best ways to avoid chemicals like alcohols, dyes, fragrances, and preservatives is to use all natural skin care products. It’s not only safer for your body, but also for the environment. Many chemical compounds used in personal care products can actually enter the water table, making them a danger to fish and wildlife. The fact that these same chemicals get into the ocean and surface water doesn’t make them any less harmful.

List Of Best Natural Skin Care Products

Choosing the best natural skin care products involves learning about the four principles of natural skincare. These include choosing ingredients that have been proven to heal, prevent, and protect against common skin disorders. All-natural skincare products are free of artificial preservatives, dyes, fragrances, alcohols, and other chemicals. Many natural ingredients have actually been used for centuries to treat ailments, from acne to psoriasis. For example, tree oil has been used to heal and prevent everything from sunburn to diaper rash.

In addition, it’s important to choose natural skin care products that use safe, gentle, all-natural ingredients. Although many chemicals are known to be dangerous and are included in personal care items and skin creams, there are others that pose little threat, but offer no benefit. Companies should include natural ingredients such as macadamia oil, avocado oil, shea butter, natural vitamin E, and other plant-based oils and emollients. These ingredients are gentle and effective, and they don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals typically found in today’s products.

You should also be wary of products that claim to be “all natural,” because those items are usually not. The only true all natural products are those that contain nothing other than all natural ingredients, along with whole foods, plant-based protein and other compounds that promote overall health. With these healthy ingredients, you’ll look and feel better and have healthier, younger looking skin in no time.

Purchasing Organic Skin Care Products

A great way to minimize your exposure to dangerous ingredients is to purchase beauty products that are fragrance free, along with organic or whole foods as their primary ingredients. Natural fragrances don’t contain any artificial preservatives, colors or synthetic aromas, so they are safe. Organic and whole foods have little to no environmental impact, so they are good for your health as well.

When it comes to cleansers and moisturizers, natural options are your best. Always check the ingredients list for sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), ammonium laureth sulphate (LAHS), and parabens. SLS is used in cleansers to help remove dirt, oil, bacteria, and other impurities from your face, and it does have some benefits. However, when these types of ingredients are combined with petroleum products, the overall effectiveness is diminished.

Last Words

A good natural moisturizer should contain shea butter, avocado oil, or macadamia oil. Shea butter has long been used in Africa to heal skin, and has recently become popular in America. Avocado oil is another natural moisturizer, which is very similar to the skin’s own sebum.

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