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Remedies For Flu

Top 3 Easiest Natural Remedies For Flu

It is always better to treat your health issues with natural remedies, if you can, instead of taking conventional treatment. Some common problems like cold, cough, and flu, you should treat it by intaking natural remedies for flu. Yes, because all these are interrelated problems. If any of them attacks your body, the other two follow it. However, there may be other related problems too like sore throats, red eyes, and fever too sometimes.

You should try to prevent your body before any health issue turns into a chronic disease. If you ignore small issues, they will become bigger, maybe sooner or later. So, here are a few natural remedies for flu so that you can treat it on your own.

Top 3 Easiest Natural Remedies For Flu
Top 3 Easiest Natural Remedies For Flu

1. Gargle

Many of us know about gargle, but still, we ignore it because we feel that it works too slowly. But this is not true. Gargle helps your sore throats, and cough, if you do it correctly and regularly in your flu days.

Take a glass of warm water and add one-fourth teaspoon salt in it. Gargling with salt water removes viral fluids from your throat area and results in comfortable breathing. If your throat is aching, you should gargle with tea leaves, if available, because it kills the pain inside and comforts the entire area. However, it requires a little bit effort in compared to gargle with salt because you will have to boil the dried tea leaves in water. Also, you may feel it quite acerbic.

You should gargle one or twice a day. Don’t delay, do it as soon as you start feeling sick or noticing symptoms of flu.

2. Oil massages

Ancient treatments are the best examples to prove how powerful home remedies for flu are. There are essential oils that help in curing a cold. You should rub peppermint and frankincense essential oil around your neck and massage it at the bottom of your feet. The process will boost your immune system and help in faster recovery.

If such oils are accessible, you should not hesitate using them during cold and flu. Various researches confirm that clove oil protects the body against infection because of its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. If you don’t find clove oil, you can use eucalyptus or oregano oil as alternatives of it as they both contain very similar properties.

Top 3 Easiest Natural Remedies For Flu
Top 3 Easiest Natural Remedies For Flu

3. Honey And Ginger

Ginger helps in congestion, nausea, and cold due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties while honey treats sore throat and work as a cough suppressant. You can either eat very small ginger pieces after adding a little salt on it or intake ginger juice including honey instead of sugar.

It would be better if you can make ginger tea and drink it once a day after adding raw honey to it. However, intaking ginger will not be comfortable if you have throat ache. If it is so, you should take one spoon honey before or after taking ginger.

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