Treating UTI -

Treating UTI

Simple Herbal Remedies That Can Work on UTI

Urinary tract infections or UTI affects many people. This infection will affect kidneys, ureters, bladder or urethra. Bowel bacteria are a common cause. But sometimes viruses and fungi may also be responsible for the condition.

Herbal Remedies for UTI

Well, effectiveness depends on the severity of the condition. Sometimes there will be no other option but choosing treatment by a good urologist. Before we look at the home remedies let us check the symptoms.

The symptoms will include a burning sensation while passing urine. Urge to urinate frequently. The patient will have cloudy and dark coloured urine. The urine will also have a foul odour. There may also be a pain in pelvic region.

Fluids are the most effective remedy

It is important that one drinks plenty of fluids. Drink lots of water as it will help in regular urination and will help in throwing out bacteria. In fact, one must make it a habit to drink lots of liquids in order to decrease the occurrence of UTI.

Protect Yourself with Vitamin C

One of the effective herbal remedies involves increasing the intake of vitamin C. It is believed that vitamin C can help in killing the bacteria that may be responsible for the infection. So make sure that you eat lots of oranges, grapefruits and other fruits and vegetables that contain plenty of vitamin C.

Simple Herbal Remedies That Can Work on UTI
Simple Herbal Remedies That Can Work on UTI

Cranberry Juice is Important

Cranberry juice is considered to be very popular herbal remedies for UTI. It is said that cranberry will help in preventing the bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract. Therefore it is better to drink cranberry juice on a regular basis. But make sure that you have only unsweetened cranberry juice.

Try Using Garlic

Fresh garlic has allicin. This has several antimicrobial properties. Therefore garlic can be helpful in giving respite from UTI. Try to increase the intake of garlic. Add it to your regular food.

Simple Herbal Remedies That Can Work on UTI
Simple Herbal Remedies That Can Work on UTI

Clove oil Can Be Effective

Clove oil is said to have antimicrobial properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It is said to help in giving respite from pain. It is also said to have a healing effect. Taking clove may be useful. But in some cases, medical advice may be needed.

Few  Useful Tips

You must wear loose clothing. Also, avoid using wet clothes. Use the bathroom as often as possible. Remember that passing out even a small amount of urine will help in removing bacteria from the body. Practicing good hygiene is also very important. Use of probiotics can also be a useful option. Try using the herbal remedies only when the symptoms are mild. If the condition has aggravated then it is best to rush to a doctor.

UTI if not treated in time can lead to complications. Therefore, when the first symptoms of infection occur make sure that you take the required measures to get rid of the same.  The best thing that you can do it takes steps to avoid the occurrence of the infection.

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