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What You Must Know About Psoriasis Natural Treatment Diet

psoriasis natural treatment diet

If you look at the numerous recommendations on nutrition for psoriasis, you will often find a list of prohibited foods. These include chocolate, honey, strawberries, citrus fruits, coffee, alcohol, and more. Healthy food looks like a strict diet with taboos and a massive list of valuable and dangerous foods. But let’s not forget that psoriasis is often linked to psychosomatic substances, meaning that exacerbation can develop stress, psycho trauma, depression. A strict diet is not just about muscular physical, and mental stress.  Therefore, nutrition should never exceed strict prohibitions. According to many doctors, it is enough to exclude fatty, spicy foods and alcohol, add unsaturated fatty acids to your daily menu and not exaggerate it with fried, salty, and sweet food! 

About Psoriasis

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Unfortunately, psoriasis is currently a fairly common disease. According to experts, only one drug treatment is not enough to treat him. It allows for a few reductions in symptoms, but it does not prevent the occurrence of relapses. That’s why modern doctors thoroughly recommend reviewing their diet – certainly if you want to beat your psoriasis. The psoriasis diet includes some limitations, but nutrition is still in the balance. 

What Should You Eliminate From Your Diet?

Doctors strictly prohibit the concomitant use of alcohol and carbonated beverages. You can’t eat pastries, pastries, and baking. It is better to ban milk and chocolate for some time. Restrictions also apply to yeast and food with their addition. Note that rejection of all of the above preparations only during the exacerbation phase will not achieve lasting remission of such a disease like psoriasis. Diet for psoriasis should be a natural lifestyle with bad habits of rejection. This is the only way to become a truly healthy person.

What Can You Eat With Psoriasis?

The most beneficial nutrition for psoriasis is the use of vegetable oils with polyunsaturated acids in the composition. These acids are essential for providing anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drugs in the body. To maintain the liver, it is necessary to eat foods that are high in fiber. Also, fiber is the key to a regular bowel movement, maintaining mineral balance, and ensuring normal metabolism.

Pagano Diet For Psoriasis

The basis of the diet developed by the American doctor John Pagano is the principle of maintaining the correct pH of the body. Pagano comes from the fact that the cause of psoriatic damage to the skin is increased acidity. Therefore, its diet means consuming 75% of the daily menu of alkaline products. It is also recommended to drink at least six glasses of clean water a day on a Pagano diet. Maintain physical activity as well as avoid negative emotions.

Fasting With Psoriasis

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The psoriasis diet includes mandatory body cleansing, and this helps us fast with psoriasis (a week is about 20 or 30 hours of fasting). Try to book one day when you are not eating or drinking anything other than distilled water. After the fasting time in the morning, you can eat a salad of beets, carrots, and cabbage, drink monastery tea for psoriasis, and then continue with your regular schedule.


Finally, it should be noted that, in fact, not so terrible disease – psoriasis. In any case, the doctor should choose treatment, diet, and preventive measures individually, taking into account certain factors (stage of the disease, age, allergic reactions, etc.). Welcome!

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