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What you need to know about Natural products

Natural Products Association

Metadata: Natural products Association is the oldest non-profit organization representing the interest of natural products manufacturers. This organization includes retailers too. We shall look at the roles of this organization in this article.

Natural Products Association was formerly called the National Nutritional Food Association. The organization is famous for being the oldest and largest non-profit organization. The interest of the organization includes manufacturers, retailers of the natural products industry.

Natural products covered by this organization include organic and healthy foods. Cosmetics and dietary supplements are part of the organization too. There are more than 1,900 members who have more than 20,000 retailers, wholesalers of natural products.

The Natural Products Association came into existence in 1936. The reason for its establishment is to educate consumers on the advantages of the natural nutrition industry. The name of the organization was altered to Natural Health Foods Association ( NHFA) by the members.

The present name of the organization came in 2006. Hence the name National Product Association. At the moment, it has over 650 members presently.

Present members are suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers. There are many programs associated with this organization. We shall discuss a few of them below:

· Members of education

NPA aims to educate the organization members about the industry and the impacts of federal laws on the food industry. Hence, the organization relays with federal agencies on the effects of rules enforced by legislation manufacturers and natural products retailers. Additionally, they look at dietary supplements wholesalers too.

The regional offices of the NPA focus on monitoring state legislative regulations.

· Certification

The NPA nature seal is known as the first natural product certification in America. Presently, only personal care and home care products. Ingredients are certified too.

The organization demands that products are certified, and the products must have 95% natural ingredients or more before it gets certification. Additionally, there is a third-party good manufacturing practice known as Good Manufacturing Practices ( GMP) program.

The program is designed to cater to the manufacturing of dietary supplements and ingredients. The program began in 1999. Companies that act in compliance with the NPA GMP standard get NPA GMP certification. The verification process is carried out through a third-party inspection of facilities.

Presently, more than 70 companies have received GMP certification. Furthermore, NPA provides a series of training seminars around the United States of America. All training are GMP related. Training is done annually.

· Dietary supplements caucus

The dietary supplement caucus came into existence in 2006. The caucus aims to act as a bicameral group to relay discussions among congressional lawmakers about dietary supplements issues. The organization held the first briefing of the caucus in 2008, two years after its establishment.


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Members of the Natural Products Association are allowed any of the five regional offices in the United States. Each region has a board of directors and its president. Each president of each region is a member of the national NPA board of directors.

There are six regional offices in the US. The NPA’s role is plenty, and most of these roles are crucial to regulations that govern natural products in America. We have looked at some of the NPA functions and why they are essential to the American people.

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